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24 Seconds in Holy Places
"24 Seconds in Holy Places" Is a photography exhibition about Islamic Art has been made in Valparaiso University/ Indiana – USA: 2016 and continued for about four months.
The exhibition contains 24 Twenty four photos (have been captured by the Syrian photographer Mohammad Al Hamwi) searching for a moment of silence that appears when hazy time is paused. And searching also for an escape from the busy rhythmic events of life and seeking beauty in light, shade, space, and live...


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About  the project

My name is Mohammad Alhamwi. I'm a Syrian writer and a photographer. I am currently based in Egypt.
I have authored four published books, and displayed my photography in two exhibitions:One in Egypt, and another in the USA.
My interest inIslamic art startedearly.Since I was a child, I used to accompany my father to visit the great Umayyad Mosque in Damascus;An old mosque built during the Umayyad era in 715 AD. This building is considered the inception of the Islamic architectural style. Incidentally, it also contains the shrine of John the Baptist.
When I entered the mosque, I was amazed by how spacious it was and how its majestic pillars filled the entrance; it was the kind of space that made me feel small in comparis onto its vastness. I was very happy when my dad let go of my hand. I ran freely around the empty and huge mosque courtyard I chased the pigeons around and they flew back to their nests inside the mosque’s brick domes. I stood next to a huge column and I gazed at its height. I was enchanted by the fountain in the middle of the yard as I used myhands to scoop water out to wash and make ablution. I secretly wanted to play and splash the water with the pigeons after people left.
Throughout my life, I was never attracted to the regular contemporary mosques. I’ve always found unique charm and beauty in the styles of old ones; they always provided a quiet and relaxing ambience, away from the daily stress and society’s noise....
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