24 Seconds in Holy Places

“24 Seconds in Holy Places” Is a photography exhibition about Islamic Art has been made in Valparaiso University/ Indiana – USA: 2016 and continued for about four months.

The exhibition contains 24 Twenty four photos (have been captured by the Syrian photographer Mohammad Al Hamwi) searching for a moment of silence that appears when hazy time is paused. And searching also for an escape from the busy rhythmic events of life and seeking beauty in light, shade, space, and live abstraction to liberate the expression.

The photos _as the photographer himself described them_ are visual compositions attempt to isolate the milieu and extract the expression to rediscover it and launch it into the essence of dynamic beauty.

During the exhibition a lecture has been given by the photographer at the Art Department of Valparaiso University about Islamic Art, and discussed his experience in photography in general and Islamic Art in specific.